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Academic Excellence

Some wonder whether a nontraditional school program like Connections Academy® can truly provide a quality education. Success can be measured by students’ academic achievement, but that is only part of the story. Thousands of personal success stories from Connections Academy graduates and parents prove that this form of nontraditional schooling provides a high-quality education for students of all ages, who are now thriving in a positive school environment that promotes personal growth and satisfaction.

Student Success

Each week, Connections Academy hears from students, parents, and teachers who share powerful stories of daily victories, growing self-confidence, and college acceptances. These are highlights of just a few of our outstanding students:

  • A Connections Academy graduate who is thriving in college and who credits Connections Academy with preparing her for success
  • A Connections Academy graduate with interests in astronomy and piano, interests he was able to pursue during his time in grade school
  • A high school junior who has developed a passion for writing through his AP® English course
  • The elementary school student whose favorite subjects are sign language, science, and art—and who loves that Connections Academy lets her spend more time with her family
  • The “I can’t do this” brothers who now shout, “Look at me! I can read!” after enrolling in Connections Academy
  • The math-hating sixth-grader who completed two years of math in one year with the skilled help of a Connections Academy teacher
  • The fifth-grader who was bullied and underperforming at his former school but is now thriving emotionally and academically as he learns at home

Praise from Connections Academy Parents

Connections Academy is dedicated to listening to families. One of the ways we hear from them is with our annual parent satisfaction survey. The survey is completely anonymous, so parents can express their thoughts openly. This year, once again, parents who completed online school reviews gave Connections Academy high marks for helping students succeed academically and emotionally.

Parents also have shared stories that demonstrate unmeasurable rewards of being involved in a child’s online schooling. Here is a sampling:

  • The military father stationed in the Middle East who is now able to take part in his child’s education through our online learning portal
  • The mom of two Connections Academy students who loves having a front-row seat when her children discover new things and are eager to learn more
  • The father who gained the tools and confidence to take control of his son’s education when his wife was diagnosed with cancer

Academic Success for Online School from Home

As an effective alternative to brick-and-mortar and homeschool programs, Connections Academy has achieved successes that align with the more standard measures used by educators on a national and regional level. Our curriculum has been recognized with awards from leading national education organizations.

On a state level, many Connections Academy–supported schools have earned strong ratings on their school report cards.

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