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Excellent Online Teachers
Inspire Excellence in Students

Connections Academy is committed to selecting only the best and brightest online teachers to educate students. Why? Because excellent teachers make all the difference. They are instrumental in students’ success.

We’re proud to say that Connections Academy schools across the country attract many of the most highly skilled and passionate virtual teachers in the profession because of the focus on personalized education. Their expertise and commitment to quality individual learning is part of what makes this online program so successful.

Experts in Online Teaching and Education

Connections Academy online teachers are caring, dedicated educators who are excited to work at a school where they can focus on helping individual students thrive.

Students enjoy a rich online learning experience because teachers in every Connections Academy school have intensive training in online instruction and education. They know how to motivate and engage students online, are highly skilled at using our technology, and know how to get the most out of our powerful online tools.

Award-Winning Teachers and Innovators

Connections Academy teachers are certified in their grade levels and subject areas. All have a bachelor’s degree, and many have a master’s or other advanced degree. They update their skills with training, coaching, and professional development.

Learn more about some of these dedicated online school teachers’ accomplishments and awards:

  • Lea Ann Lockard, executive director of Texas Connections Academy @ Houston, wins EdTech Digest’s Leadership Award, 2016
  • Steven Guttentag, former Connections Education president, finalist for EdTech Digest’s Leadership Award in the Edupreneurs and EdTech Startups category, 2014
  • Mickey Revenaugh, Connections Education executive vice president, recipient of EdTech Digest’s Visionary Award, 2014
  • Indiana Connections Academy awarded the Indiana Gold Star School Counseling Award by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), 2014
  • Bryan Klochack, principal of Michigan Connections Academy, recipient of an International Distance Learning Award for outstanding leadership, 2014
  • Allison Reaves, Connections Academy director of schools, honored for outstanding leadership by the United States Distance Learning Association, 2013
  • Daniel Wakefield, Ohio Connections Academy teacher, recognized as a national runner-up for the National American Pioneer of Teaching Award presented by, 2013

Committed to Continued Online Education

Connections Academy teachers never stop learning so they can continue to excel at online teaching. Through the Professional Learning Community, teachers get connected to the latest educational conferences, webinars, online courses, professional organizations, and research/education updates. They stay in the know about new products and resources through continued collaboration and participation in regular curriculum meetings.

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