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Easy Access to Curriculum, Tools, and Info

To help students and their families stay on track and well informed throughout the online school experience, Connections Academy® provides 24/7 access to Connexus®, our online learning portal. Lessons, assignments, grades, teacher communications, and resources are organized and readily available. Teachers use the same system to stay up to date on student progress, to customize assignments, and to connect with families.

Log in to Connexus

Tools for Student Success

Each student has a personalized home page. Everything needed for learning is organized, making it easy to:

  • access lessons and online learning resources
  • attend LiveLesson® sessions with teachers and classmates
  • view daily and monthly schedules
  • monitor personal progress through the online grade book (grades 6+)
  • securely communicate with teachers and other students
  • participate in clubs and activities
  • view a directory of students

Tools for Parents and Learning Coaches

From their personalized home pages, parents can smoothly navigate through Connexus, our online learning portal, and can:

  • view schedules, assignments, and lessons for all of their enrolled students
  • connect to Learning Coach training resources and support
  • adjust the learning schedule for students in grades K–8
  • monitor students’ progress using the online grade book
  • access school information, announcements, and supplemental learning resources
  • communicate with teachers and other families
  • rate the Connections Academy learning experience at any time

Connections Academy provides orientation and training to get families ready to learn on this user-friendly system, plus ongoing support as needed.