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Why Choose Online School?

Online school provides an ideal learning environment for a wide variety of students and families. But of course, each student and family has their own unique needs and circumstances, which can make choosing an online school difficult.

So is online school right for you? Below we’ve included a few ways to determine if virtual school with Connections Academy® is a good fit for your family.

Why Families Choose Online School

Online school is a great fit for students who:

  • may not thrive in a traditional school setting
  • want to be a part of an inclusive school community where individuality is valued
  • are motivated to chart their own path to the future
  • need a more personalized path to school success
  • need more time or flexible pacing to shine
  • are open to working independently and in partnership with others
  • need college preparation with advanced courses and electives

Traits of Successful Online School Families

Connections Academy works well for families who can:

  • get involved in the student’s education in the role of Learning Coach
  • dedicate time to keeping the student motivated throughout the day
  • provide ongoing guidance and encouragement
  • help monitor student comprehension and progress
  • organize and structure the learning day
  • maintain regular contact with their child’s teachers
  • encourage the student to socialize with others through field trips, clubs, and community activities