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Who Benefits from Online Education?

With the ability to personalize education in many ways, Connections Academy® helps all kinds of students succeed in online learning. Students’ personalities, interests, and reasons for attending an online school are as unique and varied as they are. But no matter what brings them to our program, we believe that all virtual school students perform better when they receive individualized attention and a focus on their social and emotional well-being. Connections Academy students develop confidence, learn new skills, and go on to achieve great things personally and professionally. Below are videos and descriptions of students who have found success in online school:

Challenging Curriculum Options for Advanced Learners

At Connections Academy online schools, we nurture and challenge virtual students to help them achieve their highest potential. Students find that Connections Academy provides them with a foundation of academic excellence.

For nearly two decades, we have developed, tested, and refined our online public school curriculum to ensure it meets national and state standards. Student profiles include gifted students, advanced learners, and students who want college-prep courses. Our high-quality curriculum offers gifted, honors, and Advanced Placement®* (AP)® courses in which specially trained teachers customize lessons to provide the right levels of challenge, complexity, and depth.

Students Seeking an Inclusive Educational Community

We believe that a student learns best as part of an inclusive and welcoming community of teachers, parents, and other students—all working together to chart a path to online student success and overall wellness. One of the benefits of online education is that we welcome and support children who have been previously bullied or faced similar struggles, to focus on learning in a safe, welcoming environment.

At Connections Academy, students are celebrated for who they are, and are challenged to learn, create, and grow every day. Student profiles include struggling students who may have been previously bullied, have special needs, or are overcoming health issues. Our teachers and special education staff can work with your family to see if online school is the right fit for your student.

Students with Strong Family Support and Core Values

One of the hallmarks of our online education program is parental involvement. A parent or other trusted adult helps keep students motivated and on track from home and communicates regularly with teachers. This active support helps students flourish both academically and socially and emotionally.

Many Connections Academy families tell us that taking part in their online student’s educational process and sharing more time together can make online school very rewarding. In the role of Learning Coaches, parents can also incorporate their cultural or religious traditions into the daily schedule. Student profiles include previously homeschooled students and families seeking to include religious beliefs or cultural traditions.

Online Learning from Home

At Connections Academy, students can learn anywhere, anytime; all they need is a computer and connection to the internet. This approach gives families the flexibility to schedule school wherever they are, at times that work best for their schedule and at a pace that works best for their child. Some coursework and LiveLesson® sessions do need to take place at fixed times.

In addition, each state has set requirements on the minimum required hours of instruction. With Connections Academy, there’s greater flexibility in how and where you spend those hours. This combination of structure and flexibility ensures that students struggling in brick-and-mortar schools, students looking for an alternative, and military families have time to master their studies and connect with what’s important to them.

Students Who Need Scheduling Flexibility

Connections Academy can be a wonderful alternative to homeschool or traditional schooling when it comes to accommodating schedules of students who are pursuing other interests, such as performing arts or athletics. Families of students with special health concerns, special needs, or medical issues also find the flexibility of online school and fitting in appointments or therapy works for them. With greater scheduling flexibility and the ability to work from home or on the road, young athletes, performing artists and students with medical conditions can get a high-quality education online from Connections Academy while they pursue education and other life goals. Student profiles typically include students in performing arts, student athletes, students with medical needs, and students with other extracurricular passions.

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