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Explore a Day in the Life of Connections Academy Families

At Connections Academy–supported tuition-free online public schools, personalized learning is paired with a more flexible daily schedule, enabling parents to best meet the needs of their students.

A Personalized Learning Day

With virtual school, there’s no rigid bell schedule. One student might start school early, whereas another may sleep later. Some prefer a conventional daily schedule of one lesson for each course, while others work on one subject for a longer block of time. Some students split courses into two groups and alternate days. They can study subjects in any order, taking breaks when needed.

More important, students can learn at a pace that works best for them, moving ahead when they grasp a concept, or slowing down to master more challenging lessons.

Although some coursework and online LiveLesson® sessions do need to take place at fixed times, virtual schooling gives families greater freedom to decide when and how students spend that time, as long as your state’s minimum required hours of instruction are met.

Connecting with Interests

Beyond the academic benefits, learning from home gives students more opportunities to connect to the things that are important to them. Parents can arrange the agenda to incorporate real-world learning experiences into the school day. They can also layer in time for students to socialize with peers and to pursue their personal interests.

Connections Academy students have taken advantage of their flexibility to become more involved in scouting, 4-H, acting, volunteering, faith-based activities, and more! Others have obtained internships or part-time jobs. Elite athletes and performing artists tell us that online schooling is ideal for them because they can manage busy practice, competition, and travel schedules without falling behind in their studies.

In short, many families say that online schooling enables them to enjoy a better balance of education, extracurricular activities, and family life.

Watch the videos below to learn how two families structure their school days—and what they like best about learning from home.