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Connecting Students in a Virtual World

Connections Academy®-supported schools are a vibrant community of parents, teachers, and students. While we are an online school, we provide the structure both online and in-person for students to build relationships with teachers and peers, for parents to connect and be involved in their student’s education, and for teachers to get to know families. Virtual meets the real world when everyone forms bonds that help students thrive, grow, and achieve school, career, and life success.

We focus on your student’s overall growth, including social-emotional development. Students and their families can choose to participate in clubs and activities, attend field trips, chat with peers through WebMail, and get support from teachers through LiveLesson® sessions. And we believe that parents, supported by caring, certified teachers and school staff, are a vital part of their children’s education.

Online School Allows Flexibility for Extracurriculars

Many students attending Connections Academy schools are busy with activities in their local communities. The flexibility of the program allows students to pursue their passions through extracurricular activities. We encourage every student to find and explore interests outside of the virtual classroom that also build confidence and character. Whether your student spends time volunteering, building a business, or playing a sport or musical instrument, the daily schedule gives them time for these activities.

We invite you to get to know our community by attending an online or in-person event, or reading or watching a video testimonial from our parents, teachers, or students. You can also participate in the Connections Academy community through social media.

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Online and in-person information sessions and events are great ways to learn more about Connections Academy.

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