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How Online Students Connect

Connections Academy®-supported schools offer many ways for students to meet and learn through field trips, volunteer projects, and online clubs and special events. These socialization opportunities give students a chance to explore the world around them and form friendships with other students from across their state. They help students gain social confidence, learn teamwork, and develop leadership and communication skills while having fun.

Online School Field Trips

Online school students can choose to participate in group activities that are fun and educational. Our field trips give opportunities to grow socially within a safe setting. Explore more.

Clubs + Activities for Virtual Students

Connections Academy offers a wide range of clubs and activities that support the social, emotional, and educational development of your student. Explore more.

Yearbook in a Virtual Setting

Connections Academy recreates the quintessential school experience for an online community. Each student can create an individual yearbook page. Explore more.

Online School Graduation

Celebrate the milestone of graduating high school with a graduation ceremony. Depending on the school, online high school students can participate in a traditional cap and gown event. Explore more.

Summer Connections Program

Get your student excited to start the school year by connecting with other online students. This summer program offers current and newly enrolled students a virtual meetup space before school starts. Explore more.

Participating in the Community at Large

At Connections Academy, we want students to understand that they’re a part of a broader community. So with help from Learning Coaches and community coordinators, we arrange volunteer activities and participation at community events.