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Resources for Online High School Students

High school is an exciting time that can give teens more opportunities to focus on courses, prepare for college or career, and discover interests they can develop over a lifetime of learning. At Connections Academy®–supported tuition-free online high schools, students have the advantage of:

  • a supportive online learning environment
  • a high-quality curriculum that includes all core high school courses and many electives
  • certified teachers who are specially trained to teach online and are experts in their fields
  • at-home learning, which offers a more flexible schedule for sports, the arts, or other interests

Transitioning to Online High School

When you transfer to Connections Academy, enrollment and placement specialists review your school transcript to make sure you are credited properly for the courses you’ve already taken. Teachers welcome new students and go above and beyond to help create an environment where all students thrive.

As a high school student, we encourage you to get involved in selecting courses and electives and setting up your learning space.

What is online school like?

Without the distractions of crowded classrooms and students with different learning styles and needs, you may find that you can focus better on schoolwork. You’ll get to set up a quiet, dedicated learning space for school. Online high school students spend much of their time on the computer, interacting with texts, videos, and other learning materials and meeting online with their teachers and peers.

Each day, you’ll log in to the online learning platform to access your courses. You’ll have daily flexibility to tackle your workload in a way that works for you. So if you learn best after a workout, you can go to the gym and then focus on a math or science course in the late morning, with history and literature in the afternoon, for example.

Socializing in Online High School

Many students worry that they won’t have a social life in online school. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can choose to have as much or as little peer interaction as you’re comfortable with.

Online high school lets you arrange your daily schedule, so fitting in opportunities to socialize, from study groups to exercise, becomes much easier.

Most of my friends are skiers, so I get to see them all winter when I am training and competing. I also have good friends at the local CrossFit gym. They are actually all ages and all kinds of people, but we work out together. I see them every morning. So I think that for now it makes sense that most of my friends are other teens who are passionate about freeskiing.
— Danya
High school student

Online students also meet virtually through LiveLesson® sessions. Teachers and students interact to watch science demonstrations, exchange ideas, and get to know one another through WebMail and chat features.

Virtual Clubs, Activities, and Field Trips

Students who learn from home make friendships they can develop in a virtual environment as well as in person. Connections Academy schools offer students the opportunity to sign up for clubs and activities and to attend field trips. These social activities for online students are an important part of how students participate in larger communities of peers.

The difference between socializing in online school and at a traditional brick-and-mortar school is that you get to choose when, where, and how much you want to interact. Explore clubs and activities.

Support for the College Application Process

Connections Academy students benefit from a team of high school counselors supporting them through the college application process. Online school counselors get to know students, understanding their postgraduation college and career goals to help get them to the next level.

What do online high school counselors do to support high school students?

  • SAT and ACT test prep
  • One-on-one college and career planning
  • Help to identify and to apply for college scholarships

Learn more about how online school counselors can help you.

Helpful Tips and Info for Talking to Your Family

Choosing to attend Connections Academy online high school is an important decision for you and your family. Check out these resources for some tips on how to talk to your family about online high school.

Get the Tools You Need to Talk to Your Family About Online Schooling